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The classic in-between treat, a slice of delicious cake. We have a number of favourites to choose from.
They are all freshly made just for us. And what would mid-morning cake be without a cup of fine Costa coffee?
Chateau Gateau cakes:
All served with ice cream or freshly whipped cream on the side
Andrea's Baked Cheese cake R95
Andrea's famous recipe is made with decadent thick cream cheese and double cream, baked to perfection on a golden oat biscuit base, topped with fluffly creme chantilly
Black Forest Cake R95
Traditional German chocolate sponge layered with sour cherries, chocolate mouse and cream, topped with chocolate shavings
Swiss Carrot Cake R95
Moist rich and fruity cake made with grated carrots, sultanas, nuts, raisins and cinamon, layered with a decadent lemon and cheese frosting
Red Velvet Cake R95
Moist and velvety chocolate cake, layered with smooth and lemony cream cheese frosting, garnished with crushed almonds and cocnut macaroons
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This menu is a guide to what is available only and may change at any time
All items and ingredients are subject to availability
Recipes may be changed at any time
Please inform the staff of any food alergies or restrictions
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